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A compilation and categorization of alternative splicing resources

AgenDA - Alignment based Gene Detection Algorithm

Tool nameAgenDA - Alignment based Gene Detection Algorithm
Important featuresGene prediction tool performing searches for conserved splice sites and start/stop codons. It also identifies potential exons.
CitationsTaher L, Rinner O, Garg S, Sczyrba A, Brudno M, Batzoglou S, Morgenstern B. AGenDA:homology-based gene prediction. Bioinformatics. 2003 Aug 12;19(12):1575-7. PubMed PMID: 12912840.
Year of publication2003
Rank by usage frequency99
Comments1) Results are obtained in e-mail 2) Gene information provides Gene number. 3) Provides information about the reading frame (0,1,2) 4) Gives information about the DNA strand, whether + or -
FunctionExon detail: number, Exon detail: start/end, Exon detail direct information, Predicted protein sequences, Gene Information, Finds alternative splicing in chicken, Finds alternative splicing in other species
Input file formatTwo Fasta Files
Output file format

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