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A compilation and categorization of next-generation sequencing resources

ADiR - Assembler for Di-base Reads

Tool nameADiR - Assembler for Di-base Reads
Important featuresADiR (Assembler for Di-base Reads) is an assembler for AB SOLiD colorspace reads that makes use of color transition properties in resolving overlap and consensus.
Year of publicationNot available
Rank by usage frequency100
CommentsURL is not working and a message "This webpage will be removed on May 15, 2012" is seen, as on 9th May 2012.
CategoryFree, Downloadable
LicenseGNU GPL V3
Input file format
Output file format
Operating systemLinux 32/64 bit, Mac OS X, POSIX
Operating languageC, C++, Python, Unix Shell
Maintained byApplied biosystems
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